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Clemens Christian Poetzsch


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Deep inside, pianist Clemens Christian Poetzsch always knew what music meant to him: freedom. 


Freedom to improvise; freedom to create new worlds of sound; freedom to follow his instinct wherever it may lead him. 

His publications in collaboration with various musicians and his solo debut album ('People and Places', 2016) already distinguished him as a special talent.

On his Neue Meister debut, 'Remember Tomorrow', he finally does justice to the role of the modern composer and gives free rein to the entire spectrum of his musical abilities - and with astonishing results.

In 2020 he released his third album 'Clemens Christian Poetzsch plays Sven Helbig' which is nominated for the german classic award 'Opus Klassik 2020' in three categories.

The new single 'Schlaflied (Redux)' is out now.

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