• Michael Mortlock

Mortlock's 'Summer Storm' is out Now!

The long-awaited release of Mortlock’s deeply thematic Summer Storm EP celebrate his personal achievements in developing his unique and personal style over the last decade. The first single, Summer Storm, is a gracefully composed blend of piano, personal field recordings and electronic soundscapes. The journey depicts the feeling and release of anticipated change, an allegory for life and an ode to nature.

With a soft flutter of melodic keys and the gentle sound of light rain, we enter into a richly organic soundscape. The distant thrill of thunder, the growing textures of moisture, and the captivating hypnotic melody echos of a Ryuichi Sakamoto inspired soundtrack. This builds up towards an inevitable release of deep and rich bass, the clash of a thunder-like beats and percussion guide us towards the horizon.

Summer Storm is available NOW on all streaming platforms on &flows under exclusive license from ORiGiN Music Publishing.

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