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  • Michael Mortlock

New Release - Everydaze - from Mortlock

Everydaze is about falling in to the rhythm of the every-day we all create for ourselves, and the choices we make which bring us closer to our authentic selves. Mortlock recorded some atmospheric sounds at Berlin’s Ostbahnhof Train Station which helps to create the immersive feeling, as we drift through the many places - with music in our ears to block out the everyday distractions. He has also created some visuals so you can also experience this release inspired by his everyday observations.

Everydaze is the third single of Mortlock's upcoming DEEP WATER EP - with the last single Deep Water - a collaboration with Tasmanian-based singer PARKER, being released in early 2022.

But before that, there is another special new single coming out on the 18th March, titled Hold My Hand, also featuring PARKER.

Everydaze is now available through all digital services HERE

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